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Why TCS?

A community token from a great community

Admins at Transparent.Crypto Signals are proud to present to you our community token XTCST! We believe that our community will strive beyond our expectations, we also want to give people another chance to win by investing in our community token and together we can make this reach the moon! This would obviously not be possible without your support, that is why we are asking everyone to get everyone they know involved in this token! The token is placed on the Binance Smart Chain Network which means you will be able to trade BNB for the XTCST on the exchange PancakeSwap! We are planning to advertise our community token on multiple social media platforms which gives you the chance to buy in early!

None of the above statements are financial advice and you should always do your own research before investing into any financial markets or cryptocurrencies.


Hurry to invest in XTCST, every second counts.

Every three days the circulating volume of XTCST tokens will be reduced by 99% until the total XTCST tokens reach a supply of 1B where supply halving will commence every month, consequently driving up the demand.

The halving process decreases the amount of XTCST in circulation. This is done to attract investors in buying early while the token is still in a large supply.


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